Welcome to Vasilico Eggs.

Since our first steps as a small farm 30 years back, we produce, market and distribute high quality and nutritious Vasilico eggs. We understand what it takes to produce local eggs in an ethical, and sustainable manner. Inspired by our values, we are committed to support communities, schools and charities.

Our Company

Since 1986 Vasilico produces markets and distributes high quality eggs from our own breeding hens. This is the essence of our mission.

Vasilico Eggs is the trade name for Vasilico Chicken Farm Ltd which was established on August 1993. We manage egg supply across the island and promote egg consumption while representing the interests of egg farmers. Our state of the art poultry farms are point of reference for our customers. Innovation and technical research show us the best way to overcome with success all the challenges presented to us by the market.

Why consumers still choosing Vasilico?

They know they can rely on a friendly service, family atmosphere and enjoy top quality and nutritious eggs.

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Fresh Eggs

Eggs from automated housing systems.

Vasilico operates state of the art facilities, allowing full automated control of each housing system and operating in accordance with European Union standards. In automated housing systems, hens fed with natural animal feed and monitored in all stages of production. Followed by a fully automated procedure that guarantees uniform distribution of feed and ensures quality 24 hours a day, 365 days a ...
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Free Range Eggs

Eggs from free range hens.

Vasilico free range eggs come from hens that roam in barns and have access to green areas and pasture on our farm in the village of Arediou in the Nicosia district. Free range eggs are collected in our facilities where are certified, packaged and distributed in accordance with hygiene and food safety regulations to guarantee the highest quality of Vasilico ...
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Eggs contain the highest quality protein in any food you can buy.

A hen turns an egg nearly 50 times each day to keep the yolk from sticking to the side.

Eggs are an excellent source of Choline and Vitamin B which lower the risk of heart disease.

Although a single egg contains 2/3 of your recommended cholesterol intake, studies show that egg consumption does not increase the risk of heart disease.

Eggs take about 24 – 26 hours to form inside a hen. The average hen lays 250 to 270 eggs a year.

Don't throw your eggshells away. You can use them as fertiliser in your garden as they contain a good source of calcium.

Hens with white feathers tend to lay white eggs and hens with red feathers tend to lay brown eggs.

Eating eggs is a great way to help shake off last night’s hangover.

The word “yolk” is derived from an Old English word that means “yellow.”

If an egg sinks to the bottom of a bowl full of water, it's fresh. If it floats to the top, it's not.